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Two days of hands-on training with Adobe Acrobat Pro will improve how you create, combine, distribute and share Adobe PDF documents. We concentrate on the major areas of Adobe Acrobat creating, combining, editing, and securing, and also harnessing the power of Acrobat PDF forms. All training uses the Official Adobe workbook and project files for extra reference after the course. Receive a Certificate of Completion.


Introducing Adobe Acrobat Pro
An overview of the Adobe Acrobat Pro  software, as well as Adobe Reader. Tour the work area, the menu bar, task pane buttons, toolbars, and basic navigational elements. Learn different ways of viewing PDF documents, including Full Screen mode and Read Mode. Students gain experience with the most basic and commonly used features, as they get to know their way around the work area. They'll have the chance to see features in action, by rotating a page, adding a bookmark, and adding a comment.

Creating Adobe PDF Files
In most applications, you create a document by choosing File > New. In Acrobat, however, creating a document means converting a file from some other application to an Adobe PDF file. Learn multiple ways of creating a PDF file, and be able to identify the advantages of different methods.

Reading and Working with PDF Files
This lesson gives students more experience with navigation, and then introduces several features that help make PDF documents more useful to readers. For example, students learn to search, make PDF documents accessible, print, and fill out a PDF form.

Enhancing PDF Documents
This lesson covers a range of Acrobat tasks that help you customize a PDF file and manipulate its pages. Students will learn how to accomplish many of the tasks that need to be performed to prepare a PDF file for distribution after it's initially created.

Editing content in PDF Files
In AcrobatDC, you can edit text and images in PDF files more easily than before. As you modify text in a PDF, Acrobat reflows the text intelligently. This lesson gives students time to practice editing text and images, and reusing PDF content in other applications.

Using Acrobat with Microsoft office Files (Windows)
Acrobat PDFMaker makes it much easier to create PDF files from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. This lesson walks students through using PDFMaker in each of those applications.


Combining Files
You can combine files of multiple formats into a single PDF file; each file is converted to PDF as you combine them, as long as you have the file's authoring application installed. If you use Acrobat Pro, you can opt to create a PDF Portfolio, instead, which can include unconverted files as well as PDF files.

Adding signatures and security
Many students have concerns about distributing PDF files, especially after they see how much you can edit a PDF file in Acrobat. This lesson gives students the power to control who edits a PDF file and even who has access to open it. Additionally, students learn about digital signatures, which are gaining wider acceptance in the business world.

Using Acrobat in a review cycle
Acrobat can help make review processes much simpler and faster than traditional review processes, requiring multiple cycles of marked-up printed documents. This lesson covers the basic concepts of review processes using Acrobat and gives students experience using Acrobat in a shared review.

Working with Forms in Acrobat
Interactive forms streamline the process of filling in and collecting data. Respondents can fill in forms using either Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader. In this lesson, students convert a static form to an interactive form, distribute it, and analyze the responses.

Using FormsCentral (Acrobat Pro)
Acrobat Pro DC installs Adobe FormsCentral, a form-creation application. FormsCentral makes it easier to create and distribute forms and to collect, analyze, and share form data.

Using Actions (Acrobat Pro)
Acrobat Pro DC includes actions, collections of steps that help you automate processes and make them more consistent. Some students may be familiar with actions in Photoshop, but actions in Acrobat are quite different. Instead of recording a series of steps, as you do in Photoshop, you build a custom wizard that performs some steps automatically and prompts the user to perform others.

Using Acrobat in Professional Printing
Many of the lessons cover aspects of working with PDF files electronically: distributing forms, sending files for review, and so on. This lesson specifically covers printing PDF files professionally. While print production professionals may find this a useful introduction to the features in Acrobat, the lesson is intended as a primer for students prepa
ring to hand off PDF files to a print production service provider.

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