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Photoshop Action - Instagram Posts

Edit your images in Photoshop. Use these Photoshop actions to crop and resize images for Instagram Profile photos, Square posts, Portrait posts and Landscape posts. When finished upload them to your Instagram account.

Photoshop Action - Skin Smoother

Duplicate the original image layer. Load the Solar Curve adjustment layer preset to identify blemishes and skin imperfections. Turn the Solar Curve adjustment layer on and off to check for hidden imperfections. Retouch the skin on the duplicate layer using the Heal brush, Spot Heal or Clone stamp tool. Delete the Solar Curve adjustment layer once imperfections are repaired. Apply the Skin Smoother action and brush in the level of smoothing using a White paint brush on the layer mask. Varying the Brush opacity setting to control the Skin Smoother intensity. Remove the smoothing intensity by painting in the layer mask with a varied opacity Black brush.

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